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Sunday, January 21, 2018

How can I apply for a government job?

All government jobs are posted on and can be applied for through the Career Centre website. The qualifications, salary, location and other important details are listed for each position.

What types of jobs are available in the Saskatchewan public service?

The public service has a wide variety of career options including conservation officers, accountants, lab technicians, file clerks, geologists, policy analysts and much more. To find out more about current opportunities available in the public service, visit the Career Centre website.

Does the government provide services to help Aboriginal people find employment in the public service?

There is a full-time, permanent Aboriginal recruiter to help the public service effectively market jobs and attract Aboriginal candidates. As well, Central Services assists government ministries in finding diversity candidates and addressing accommodation needs.

Are there student jobs available in the public service?

Yes. You can learn more about student jobs and internships by visiting the Career Centre website.

How much are government employees paid?

Salary ranges for new jobs are listed in each job competition file you access on the Career Centre website. 

How can I sell my product to the government?

The Purchasing Branch coordinates the purchase of goods and some services for government ministries, some Crown corporations and other government organizations. The SaskTenders website provides suppliers with up-to-date information on competitions that are being conducted.

If you require more information on procurement opportunities, contact the Purchasing Branch at (306) 787-6871.

How can I bid on a government construction job?

Construction tenders are posted on the SaskTenders website to allow contractors to look at upcoming projects. Tender advertisements are placed in Saskatchewan daily newspapers and, when applicable, in local weekly newspapers.

Can I buy surplus government equipment and office furniture?

Used vehicles, equipment and miscellaneous assets are sold to the public through regular sales and online.  Visit SaskSurplus for information on sales and available items.

Does the government donate used equipment to community groups?

Surplus office furniture is given to community-based organizations whenever possible through the Community Donations program and website.

Does Central Services sell used government computer equipment?

All surplus and used government equipment, including any available technology-related equipment, is available for purchase through the SaskSurplus website. Due to privacy and environmental concerns most used government computer equipment is recycled through its suppliers.

Does Central Services provide IT services to the public or businesses?

No. While Central Services engages private sector expertise to help it provide quality online programs and services to the public, it does not provide traditional IT services such as help desk services to the public.

Is Central Services doing anything to minimize government’s impact on the environment?

  • Government buildings are being upgraded to improve energy conservation.
  • The Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory, the replacement of the 1913 section of the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre, Cooper Place in Regina, the Meadow Lake Court House, Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Prince Albert, and Century Plaza in Regina were designed and achieved recognition for environmental-friendly construction through the international Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) certification program.
  • BOMA BESt Certification - BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) is a national certification program launched in 2005 by the Building Operators and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada to acknowledge buildings that are managed in an environmentally-friendly manner. Central Services has 11 buildings that currently have BOMA BESt certification.
  • New vehicles purchased for the government vehicle fleet are hybrid-electric, alternative or flex fuel, or within the top 20 per cent efficiency in their class
  • Many new government vehicles are equipped to run on E-85 (85 per cent ethanol blend) fuel, for when biofuels become more readily available.
  • Central Services uses, whenever possible, environmentally friendly janitorial cleaning products and operates janitorial services during daytime in government owned and operated buildings.

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